New Home Owners

Your New Neighbor
Could Be Your
Best New Customer!

New Homeowners

  • spend more money during the first 6 months in their new home than the average family spends in 5 years.
  • establish new buying patterns within the first 3 months of moving.
  • are extremely credit-worthy. They have just passed the most difficult credit check of their lives — obtaining their mortgage.

Here are just some of the good and
services new homeowners said they
required within a year of moving.

Source: The Marketing Information Bureau TM

Focus your New Neighbor’s attention
on the products and services you offer
with one of these great inserts:

  • Business brochure or your restaurant’s menu
  • Promotional item (such as a magnet, key chain, bumper sticker, etc.)
  • Special offer only for new homeowners
  • Your company’s history on a glossy postcard or your letterhead

Design services available

New Neighbors
New Business!

Every month you can introduce yourself to your new best customer.

When new families move into your community, they need your products and services. Each month we compile the names and addresses of the new families who’ve just moved in and mail them a Welcome New Neighbor pack.

Ad an insert to our
Welcome pack and get
your business noticed!

Our Welcome New Neighbor pack features the My Town Community Calendar®, filled with local school and community events, plus many money saving coupons from local businesses.

Take advantage of this highly cost-effective way to reach your New Neighbors!

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New Neighbors
New Business!

See why that new homeowner in
the neighborhood could be your
Best New Customer!

Get your business into the homes
of your New Neighbors!

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