Frequently Asked Questions

What makes My Town Community Calendars different than calendars for sale in stores or other free calendars?

My Town Community Calendars contains LOCAL community events, school information and offers and coupons from local businesses. My Town Community Calendars also have important community phone numbers you can reference. We feature professional full color local photography and/or artwork each month which visually reminds us of our community. My Town Community Calendars simply contain more than any calendar you can buy or receive from and individual business. Other calendars simply aren’t this large in size and quality for families to use for writing appointments, birthdays, etc.

One BIG DIFFERENCE is that My Town Community Calendars are MAILED FREE OF CHARGE TO LOCAL HOMES!

Virtually everyone in your local area will have a calendar – which puts your business there too – 365 days a year!

What’s new for 2019?

There is now not only money saving coupons both on the bottom of each month calendar pages AND on extra pages in the back of the calendar! These “gift checks” are perforated for your local consumers convenience and providing thousands of dollars of extra savings during the year. We have also added online information through each community’s own site which provides updated information on local events, new coupon offers, school and local association schedules, etc.

What’s the co-sponsorship investment?

As a sponsor, your annual investment is very low by comparison to other media and provides 365 day wall/shelf life exposure. It’s only pennies per home per calendar.

How many will be distributed?

There will be thousands of calendars directly MAILED TO LOCAL HOMES throughout area neighborhoods!

Each area is unique, and therefore target zones are selected using our proprietary tools to select the optimum geographic and demographic mix to fit our co-sponsors goals. Let us know the area(s) you are interested in and we’ll provide the data to fit your needs.

How much do the calendars cost?

My Town Community calendars are at least a $15.00-$20.00 retail value! However, My Town Community Calendars are MAILED FREE OF CHARGE to local families in each community. This free gift from our sponsors creates a powerful goodwill opportunity unequalled for your business!

In certain instances, our calendars can be used as fundraisers by asking for a donation to a local school or charity in lieu of purchasing a traditional calendar online or from a retailer.

How many businesses will be in it and is exclusivity available?

There is a limited amount of ad space with only limited businesses on each monthly page and exclusivity is available for these featured spots. The “Calendar Checks” certificates in the back pages of the calendar offer more availability.

Do these calendars actually work for bringing me more business?

We have been producing highly successful community calendars in several other markets since 1996. This is truly a time-tested proven marketing strategy focuses on the LOCAL market all year long. Your calendar sponsorship brings additional value and supports your other marketing efforts currently in place.

Why should I be a sponsor when I have so many other choices for marketing/advertising?

Being a sponsor in the My Town Community Calendars isn’t for everyone. If you are looking for something new in the marketplace that actually works – and is proven in other markets – than this is for you. It is new and unique to your community, not another “me too” opportunity. If you are interested in saying “thank you” to the families in our community that support your business, this is a practical, tangible and useful way to express it! They will, in turn, be more likely to THANK YOU buy giving you their business!!

What makes My Town Community Calendars different than calendars for sale in stores or other free ones?

This calendar contains local photography, events, festivals and school information. It also has important community phone numbers residents can reference. Plus the professional full color local photography and artwork each month visually reminds local residents of your community. My Town Community Calendars simply contain more than any calendar locals can buy!

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