My Town Community Calendars

Mailed FREE to all Homes and Businesses throughout your target area!

Your local My Town Community Calendar offers your business a unique and proven concept.

High Visability Marketing!

The essential elements of successful marketing are branding, visibility and shelf life. My Town Community Calendars provide these vital marketing ingredients in a program that is attractive, affordable and effective.

BRANDING: The first stage of branding is the point at which your name and reputation begins to become imprinted in the public’s mind. Achieving top of mind awareness means consumers will think of your business first, instead of your competitors. A daily presence in front of local residents will more quickly build your “personal identity” in the community.

VISABILITY AND SHELF LIFE: Businesses throughout the country are leveraging the value of being “on display, everyday.” Displaying your message in local homes is a valuable tool in attracting new customers and keeping current customers coming back. My Town Community Calendars position you with important local community information that the families in your market want. Surveys by independent marketing research shows that on average better than 2 out of 3 families that receive a Neighborhood Calendar hang it up in their homes and use it on a regular basis all year long.

Over the years, families in numerous communities have come to trust and rely on My Town Community Calendars to keep them informed about happenings in their community. Families have also come to trust the businesses that support this valuable community resource. That’s a great position for you to enhance your name brand and build your business.

With its useful phone numbers, school activities, local events, meetings & money-saving coupons, My Town Community Calendars have become a valuable asset in hometowns across the country. My Town Community Calendars give residents the most up to date information available, a reference guide, & appeasing local photography all which help local families organize their days and lives. Your business can be on display – every day!

 Deliver your message to every household in your local community along with the following Exclusive Features:

  • MAILED FREE OF CHARGE in December to virtually every home in your local neighborhood
  • Community Resource Guide – Local Events, Local Photographs, Important Local phone numbers, and more!
  • Much more effective than typical marketing! These calendars are NOT thrown away – they are kept on home and used daily by LOCAL Families!
  • Up to 75% household usage based on local consumer surveys
  • LOCK OUT your competition with our exclusive one “Same Type” business per edition

My Town Community Calendars has many affordable marketing options for any type of budget. We can help you build community identity, promote your services, increase customer traffic & get you results! Our calendars have been tested in the marketplace and have passed with flying colors!

Join us today for just pennies per calendar –and find out for yourself what a powerful marketing tool this can be.

Community Calendars Work!
"Brand marketing is the method and the means by which you propel your business into the public consciousness. While the world of business has changed by leaps and bounds, the basic principles of brand marketing have remained the same."
Laura Lake
Branding Basics
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